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Five kids roam the life barren land amongst tanks & worn down military vehicles. These hollow machine scatter throughout as thick fog dissipates between them. They walk over unmarked graves as one of the kids mimics machine gunfire-playfully. Three boys climb a tank in the middle of the field. They circle in unison around the colossal machine.



She points at one of the kid who climbed down the front of the tank- seeing an old fallen jet. A kid in front of the tank falls to the ground, laughing. The left wing embedded into the ground creeks as the oldest boy runs up its side.

The loud footsteps ECHO as the leader kid on top of the metal stomps onto the nose of the fighter jet. Three of the kids run around in bliss, pretending to fight a ghostly war.

The reverberation of the boots resonate inside the hollow jet as the oldest looks over the jets' nose and stands at the edge- looking up at the purple sky. The youngest boy tries to climb into the fighter jets' inner controls.

The oldest helps him up, then opens his arms and ROARS into the falling sun. His defiant roar raises the attention of all of them. His friends join in on the fun and all yell into the sky. One from the tank nearby howls. Another in the jeep at the wheels of the jet howls as well.

KID: (in the jet's seat)

"And the pilot takes another one down!"

The last kid of the group finds a paint bucket last used to paint the fence at a cottage close by. He shows it to the oldest standing on top of the jet. After climbing onto the wing as well, he asks him if he wanted to paint something. The oldest smiles and helps him up onto the jet.


"Hey look he has a red paint bucket!"

The LEADER KID opens the paint bucket and situates himself between both wings, dead center.

He writes "RED WOLF?" across the metal frame. The three boys on the jet help the two girls climb up from the wings.


"Red wolf?" (smiling)

The LEADER KID standing at the edge of the nose looks back at the four kids.

He looks back onto the sunset and howls again, throwing the paint brush high into the sky. The red brush hits the fence, red paint splattering all over the broken barbed wire.

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