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Age/Gender:                                                                                                                                       31, M


Years Active:                                                                                                                         2007- Present


Company:                                                                                                                                  VIII Studios





I've been an abstract artist since I was a kid - just didn’t know it. The tools of our house became my pallet, and as I matured, the whole world would become my canvas. I’ve dabbled in a variety of artforms- from sculptures to film; from fine arts to digital designs. I embarked on a journey of finding myself through this medium of self-expression.
This brief bio cannot describe the fullest extent of who I am. Who we are cannot be put into words, we are much more than that.
The whole world connects through thousands of artforms and I did so when I came to the States in ’98. Art became my voice, my tongue, my freedom before learning and understanding a word of a different culture and language.
Art is a universal language that all of us can experience. Through this experience we become connected with one another and see a different perspective. Some art immerses ourselves into a new world by the artists' creative territory. What my art tries to envision and portray is assessing a new angle of my vision.
To be a true artist, in my sense, does not mean to be perfect. It’s about using the imperfections as a symbol of motivation - the world reflected by my angle of truth.  My art volumes and films are what I see the world as, mirrored by my imagination.


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